Sophie Bernice – Serve My Soul

Singer songwriter Sophie Bernice recently released her new single ‘Serve My Soul’, a track inspired by greats such as Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. Before Sophie released any music she spent part of her time busking in her hometown, “It’s something that makes me feel very human somehow.”

It was finally her time to release her own, original music. ‘Serve My Soul’ is taken from her debut EP ‘Leave Our Skins’. The thoughtful and dreamy guitar-intro of ‘Serve My Soul’ instantly touched the right string for me and her incredible, spot on vocals go straight to the heart. There is no place to think of anything else but Sophie Bernice’s wonderful voice while listening to her music. “‘Serve My Soul’ was written about a tendency I used to have to try and mould myself to be what I thought another person would want me to be. It was in subtle ways but I would get wrapped up with someone to the point where I was often judging myself through their eyes and I would feel like I’d lost a part of me.”

‘Serve My Soul’ was recorded by Freddie Ligertwood, arranged by Kyle May and features Jonathan Gerstner on cello. The single appears on her five-track counting EP, one that is a combination of indie folk and acoustic pop. All themes on the ‘Leave Our Skins’ EP are based around escapism, mental health and spirituality.

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