The Slacks – Cotton Candy Girl

‘Cotton Candy Girl’ is the latest release of 50’s Rock & Roll revival project The Slacks. Their fast paced, positive-minded and short-but-sweet track made me feel like I was in the middle of the original Grease film, dancing along in a polka dot-dress. What a dream that is. ‘Cotton Candy Girl’ has a raw edge to it and captures the sound of Rock & Roll in the 50’s like I haven’t heard in a while. The duo have been working on music since 2014 and after what seems ages they have finally released their debut EP!

Their EP is an ode to the greats of the 1950’s. All four tracks are as short as they would have been back in the 50’s and it’s their great yet personal way of putting the 50’s into a modern jacket that suits the current musical landscape rather well. Opening track ‘Blue Mornin” is just the fast paced, hook-filled track that gets me going even though its soundscape is quite repetitive. ‘Rockabilly Mama’ is the perfect follow up with barely any intro and a rhythm that could just as well have been a shot of caffeine. Something to instantly get you going, one that would do incredibly well on the dance floor. Where are those 50’s dances at?! ‘Cotton Candy Girl’ continues on the upbeat and electrifying (see the pun?) sound of ‘Rockabilly Mama’ and if you’re able to sit still to this you have a talent that terrifies me. ‘Memphis Queen’ is the soaring and heartbreaking end of this overall upbeat EP.

We wanted to capture and experience how it would’ve been recording back in the day so we recorded all the instrumentation live off the floor right onto tape and transferred digitally for additional mixing and mastering.” The Montreal-based duo has released something I have been looking for without realising it. It might be the Elvis-influences or their infectious energy, whatever it is, I could listen to ‘Blue Mornin” over and over again!

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