Twilight Driving – Link Up

An honest, delicate and soothing new song has been released by Brighton-based alternative pop outfit Twilight Driving. Getting to know the band earlier this year had me curious on what their future releases were going to be. Their sound is a mellow, poetic one with influences of 80’s inspired synths and harmonies that fill their guitar-driven pop songs. ‘Link Up’ is a slow paced, grand pop song, one of the bands’ own favourites. “It’s one of our most personal songs to date and is about learning to accept that inevitably both people and life change.”

‘Link Up’ made me think of early Coldplay and one of my personal favourites ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’. Its vulnerability is something I have been missing in recent releases and going back to the era of me bawling my eyes out while singing along to before mentioned bands and tracks had made me feel rather nostalgic. With this, Twilight Driving show their versatility and the different musical aspects of them as a band. Have a listen for yourself!

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