Crossfire Eagles – Step Out

One of my favourite latest discoveries is Crossfire Eagles, a band that have been creating and releasing some great and upbeat indie rock track the past couple of months. ‘Step Out’ is their latest release and did not disappoint! Inspired by the big indie pop acts but with their own spin to it, they’ve created something that is uplifting and anthemic, Crossfire Eagles are hard to look away from.

‘Step Out’ is their latest catchy offering, one that builds upon big riffs, short but sweet harmonies and a fervent voice that stands in the middle of it. The chorus-driven track is about embracing love and affection towards someone. “One ‘Steps Out’ of the friend zone en into a relationship with the one they love.” If possible, the meaning of ‘Step Out’ makes it sound even more heartwarming, it’s the sweet yet raw emotions that shine through and that give this single just that bit more meaning and a little more cheesyness. Have a listen for yourself and fall for Crossfire Eagles.

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