Circus Caravan – Cabo Da Roca

Circus Caravan have released their debut eight tracks-counting album and it’s a distorted, creative mess of influences taken from post-rock, alternative and stoner rock. My favourite track of the album is ‘Cabo Da Roca’, in contrast to the other tracks of the album, this is a rather gloomy yet delicate single with grand vocals and a contrasting soundscape.

The alternative rock band from Athens have created a sensitive and passionate mix of the before mentioned genres and along with the lyrics they write, they create stories they’d like to tell through their music. It’s a leading thread throughout their album and ‘Cabo Da Roca’ is the one single that has a positive tone, yet resembles an early Editors-sound, something I’m a great fan of. Their ‘old-fashioned’ musical style fits surprisingly well in the modern musical landscape and the leading vocals of Circus Caravan are what give me goosebumps no matter what time of day it is. I can see their music fit for grand stadiums and wide, green festival fields. What’s your favourite track of the album?

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