Near Death Experience – Conquer

It’s not often that I hear a track like this these days. It’s not because no musician is doing it though, but because they rarely make the noise they used to make. However, Near Death Experience are making that noise and plenty of it with their new single ‘Conquer’!

It is a track which follows a pretty generic indie structure, yet the elements they have added into its foundation are firmly unique. I doubt you will hear an intro like this any time soon which then is greeted by a whopping wah-wah-effect throughout the chorus. Lead singer Ian truly stands out on his own, there is no singer I can think of who sounds the same. There of course are some similarities with other singers however his diction and articulation of vowels and consonants are pretty distinct!

Musically, the band have plenty of experience, even though it seems they have only been formed in 2016. These chaps have been making for decades, and their experience shines through in the final mix. It’s also no surprise the band have already played Glastonbury! ‘Conquer’ as a whole is more upbeat than heartfelt. Put it this way; you won’t be reaching for the tissues anytime soon, yet the lyrical choice and delivery still adds lots of poignant quality. Besides, we can all resonate with the subject of the track, as I’m sure we all know a special lady who conquers all within her stride; this one is for her.

Words by James Davids

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