No Serial Killer – We’re All Going 2 Die

‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ is the latest offering from A.K.M’s group No Serial Killer. It is a track taken from their debut album which provides plenty of gems like this one.

The track gets underway in a stable fashion. A tight rhythm plays out with a foot-tapping backbeat and a piano lead which is reminiscent of yesteryear. It reminds me of 80’s indie, and although I do not think this is intentional, I could not help but draw similarities to the likes of The Housemartins. However, it all changes quickly, and the vibe takes a different direction when the lead singer greets us. She lends her vocal ability in flying form with an elegant delivery. However, for me, it isn’t the most influential vocal I have heard, I believe a bit more power could have come out of her cords, it just feels like she could have given some more. Besides, a nice blend of male and female vocals would have added some more flavour and power, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is a refreshing listen, and the guitar lead is awe-inspiring for sure. It’s not just the outstanding guitar lead, the bass line provides plenty of groove and makes it uneasy not to tap along to its funk!

As a whole, ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ is a pretty cool track which provides a myriad of talking points when listening with a tuned ear. Look deep enough into the track, and you will come out with all sorts. There is something for just about everybody and if one section of the record does not do it for you, then the next will. You can listen to ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ by No Serial Killer on their official Bandcamp page.

Words by James Davids

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