Favourites of Today

Klink! – Foreign Land

Dutch alternative pop band Klink! are about to release what is a cracking jazz-infused indie pop track about how to adapt in a new environment as to be ‘the new kid in town’ and still have to figure out the unwritten rules in a certain community. It’s not just the title translating that message rather well, their relaxed, soothing, yet also intriguing sound makes me feel like I am ‘the new kid in town’!

BLOODHYPE – Delicate Creature

For a more energetic, almost robotic yet very upbeat sound we turn to BLOODHYPE, one of my latest favourite acts hailing from Berlin, Germany. ‘Delicate Creature’ is an infectious track with a slow build up and one dimensional lyrics however its soundscape makes up for any of its flaws, flaws according to my humble and personal opinion. Their 80’s inspired sound works well in combination with their lead vocals and slightly dreamy harmonies. I’ll keep an eye and ear out for future releases!

BAXTR – Bloom

Female, DIY, guitar-driven alternative pop outfit BAXTR have just released their debut track ‘Bloom’! A rather infectious, slightly commercial-sounding track filled with high pitched vocals, a floral soundscape and catchy drums that makes it incredibly hard not to move and sing along. The musical trio from London are inspired by 80’s pop bangers and create shamelessly danceable guitar pop and I can’t wait for more BAXTR.

Ian McFarland – Publicity Stunt Double

Singer songwriter Ian McFarland has finally released his debut album, on which some incredibly thought through and inventive tracks are to be found. One of my favourite tracks on ‘Publicity Stunt Double’ is soothing, dreamy and emotional single ‘Spilling Over Me’, about coping with emotions and trying to find a sense of purpose within nothing. It’s a steady combination of incredible guitar play and Ian’s raspy yet smooth voice! Need to also quickly mention ‘We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get There’, which is a soundscape that leans towards a blues pop track yet smells of Brit pop. It’s an album I’ll need to calm the soul and make sure the mind is not getting too crowded during the easing of this lockdown!



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