Circus Caravan’s Favourites

I only just reviewed Circus Caravan‘s new single, one taken from their recently released album and I couldn’t help myself but wanting to get to know the band more! We had a brief chat about inspiration, music and the bands’ favourite tracks, read all about it and if there are any other artists you would like see answer these questions please let me know!

Where do you find new music and inspiration?

Mostly through reviews in webzines that we trust, and through Spotify. Related artists column of our favourite ones is a great place to discover new music. Also, we usually discover something new through the movies that we watch.

As for the inspiration, it comes in various forms. Sometimes it comes from stressful situations or even emotional outbursts of the everyday life. In this case, the songwriting works for us in a cathartic way, making us deal with the problem and helping to heal. At other times, we might spontaneously capture an image or a moment (during a night out, a journey, etc) or imagine a scene through the words of a book and then try to transform it to music, creating its “soundtrack”. This is for sure a less painful procedure!

What is your favourite place to listen and write music?

Well, we prefer listening to music at bars while being with friends or at home. The writing, though, can be great at a studio during a rehearsal. Someone brings an idea for a new song and the rest of the band tries to add a part. It can be tricky and fruitless, but this kind of teamwork is really worth it.

What are two of your favourite things to do besides music?

We really love travelling around, both in Greece (especially camping) and abroad. We also enjoy reading books.

Your top 10 favourite tracks of the moment?

Bon Iver – Blood Bank
James Blake – Are you in love?
Social Waste – Ta megara
Transidelia – Baidushka
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around The World
Linkin Park – New Divide
Area – Cometa Rossa
Porcupine tree – The start of something beautiful
Electric Litany – The Soul Remembers Everything
The Steams – Black Sand

What else should we know about you?

Since last year we have initiated our own music festival, called “Mixtape sessions“. Its purpose is to promote, not only the bands that participate in it, but also the Greek cooperatives, which form an alternative path in the working sector, as they run and make the decisions through the assemblies of their workers-members. Thanks to the festival, both the bands and the cooperatives can help each other to reach a broader audience.

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