Chop! – Top Gun

Chop!‘s debut single ‘Top Gun’ is a disco-inspired, energetic indie track and brings disco-fever to our living rooms! ‘Top Gun’ is about a strong female protagonist who often find men falling head over heels for her, even though they’ll never be able to keep up. The 80’s inspired track with its long intro had me hooked due to its disco-flavour, the positive energy and the hazy vocals that are a leading thread throughout the track. With an incredibly infectious chorus and unexpected ‘Top Gun’ stays interesting from the beginning until the end.

With it being a modern and sparkling ode to boss babes all around it is not only heartwarming but also a track that makes it unable for its listener not to move along! Chop! is the passion project of duo Ben and Ross, roommates and collaborators who are currently based in North Hollywood. They formed their musical project during the lockdown in which both members found themselves with more time on hands than usual! I can safely say I’m happy to see the bands’ uprising as their next single is due for release mid July.

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