Malan – Busy Bee

Resembling the intro of a soothing lullaby, ‘Busy Bee’ is my new favourite before-bed-track. Malan released her debut single today and it’s a jazzy, slow paced indie pop song with slightly faster paced hooks where suited. The lockdown saw the young singer songwriter having time to pop out of her shell and into her role as a talented singer songwriter that writes from the heart and bounces from the feet up!

‘Busy Bee’ is the first of two songs to be released and will hopefully be the start of a successful career for the Wales-based musician. Her sound is a laid back and relaxed one with all the time to take a deep breath and let her sparkling voice wash over you.

Take a break busy bee,
You’re working so tirelessly, oh
Constant frenzy in your mind…
Don’t let it catch up with you,
All this work that you have to do,
Don’t you wish you could sit back and unwind…

Let’s all listen to Malan, even if it’s only for three and a half minutes, sit back and unwind…

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