Meg Lawrenson – Use My Body

Meg Lawrenson greets us with open arms on her new track ‘Use My Body’. Having listened to the track a few times, I realised that Meg’s genuine confidence is undismissable! Her sincere and emotional vocals are inspiring and outstanding.

Singing about a time of possible regret, Meg tells us about the consequences of meeting someone and them disappearing into thin air (not literally). I am sure we’ve all been in a similar situation before, where we meet something amazing, only for them to go M.IA. Well, Meg outlines her story transparently proving not only how good a vocalist she is but a storyteller too. It’s not only her outstanding storytelling, but also the musical soundscape she’s created. It is bold, and it strikes with an anthemic sound. The lead guitar is something I savour the most within the musical sections, with its sharp and trebly tone. Its structure isn’t too original, as it follows a relatively non-proprietary movement, however, even though I could easily predict what was going to come next, it still works!

‘Use My Body’ is not the type of track I would have expected from Meg. Having listened had a wander through her archive, it appears she generally goes for a more singer-songwriter acoustic type of vibe. Yet on this one, she introduces her band to the world, and I am enjoying the new sound she is going for. It is energetic, enthralling and would make the perfect festival banger.

Overall, a stable release from Meg, she is taking huge leaps, and I doubt it will be long until she is blowing up all over the scene. You can take a listen to ‘Use My Body’ by Meg Lawrenson below.

Words by James Davids

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