Michael Lane – Take It Slow

Michael Lane makes a grand return with his new and hopeful-sounding folk pop single ‘Take It Slow’. His latest single describes may aspects of what really makes us who we are. Life does not have to be a race to riches and successes, yet we seem to have made it out to be that way. Michael believes in the spiritual realm and in that I have found my equal. Clothes, money and status are not the most important things in life, music, however, is. His thoughtful and emotional sound is a blurry yet conscious blend of thoughts and folk-inspired sounds. With a great resemblance to Australian folk rock group The Paper Kites, one of my favourite bands that made one of my favourite singles in a long while, ‘Bloom’, Michael Lane is one of my latest favourite discoveries.

The musician knows of the harsh realities in life, as Michael was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan in his twenties, as a US soldier. His regained ease and joy, and a more positive note, can be found in his ‘Take It Slow’. It is his message to the world that at a time of crisis, hopefully, we’ll all be able to re-evaluate the most important things in life. His soothing voice and slow paced yet sunny sounding soundscape are a match made in heaven and I could listen to ‘Take It Slow’ every morning, afternoon and evening.

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