David James Allen – Black Dog, Yellow Morning

A reflective, smooth and slightly edgy, in the form of its vocals, new release has been brought to you by singer songwriter David James Allen. The artist is one to take inspiration from blues and folk and has created an almost begging new single with ‘Black Dog, Yellow Morning’ chanting “I want to know what it’s like…”. It’s the new single from his upcoming album ‘Radiations’ which is due for release this autumn! David will be releasing a new single every month, a project that set off in February.

‘Black Dog, Yellow Morning’ is about confronting the emotional and social struggles of depression and anxiety. “The black dog representing the depression and anxiety following you around during the day, and the yellow morning representing the opportunities for change that present themselves each day. Next to that, a yellow morning stands for the colourful masks that are worn to conceal real feelings during a bout of depression.”

David’s alternative singer songwriter style sets him apart from others within his genre, inspiration taken from the 80’s brought to you in combination with a modern pop sound, David’s stolen my heart with ‘Black Dog, Yellow Morning’!

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