Michael’s Favourites

Michael Lane just released his new single ‘Take It Slow’ and it was the perfect time for me to get to know him a little better and share it with you! We had a brief online chat about music, inspiration, his influences and favourite music!

Where do you find new music and inspiration?

When I really think about it, it’s always the music that finds it’s way to me. I don’t really go searching for new music. I guess I’ve never really given it much thought, but I guess conversations about music usually lead to good recommendations. As far as where I find my inspiration, it really depends on what the inspiration is for. If it’s inspiration to write new music, then I find the inspiration within myself, or the need to get my thoughts and feelings into song.

What is your favourite place to listen and write music?

Good question, I’m not really sure, but while riding a car or relaxing somewhere are on top of the list. My favourite place to write music is usually at home.

What are two of your favourite things to do besides music?

Spend time with family, and play video games!

Your top 10 favourite tracks of the moment?

Everything from ‘Boards of Canada’.

Michael Lane.jpg

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