Red Rum Club – Eleanor (video)

My favourite and always upbeat Scouse Americana-band Red Rum Club have released a new single and video which, in our household, means a day of joy and celebration! The ever joyful sound of Red Rum Club filled our living room as soon as the band released their new single ‘Eleanor’, a message directly from Cupid. It is objectively hard not to enjoy a Red Rum Club-song and even though nothing will ever fully top ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’, the band are working hard for it and it’s paying off!

‘Eleanor’ is the first song of the band this year, hopefully one that will be followed by many more. It is as upbeat as previous Red Rum Club tracks and showcases their energy without having lost any of it throughout the lockdown! Lead singer Fran says about the single: “It’s a perfect love song, sung to and about Tom’s (guitarist) partner, Eleanor. It was written as an aid to help her overcome an ongoing battle with mental health, she needed a ‘pick me up’ song. It’s a happy, summery ode to finding the right person who you just click with and can’t imagine being without.”

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