The Promised – Love You Like Fire

I took a chance on a genre that I usually do not dig, yet it is hard not to move along to The Promised‘ new single ‘Love You Like Fire’. Their infectious roots country is a steady flow of upbeat sounds and raspy vocals, a sweet and endearing ode to love. It’s a live fan favourite, not just because of two tempo changes that have you need to dust of your cowboy hats and boots because The Promised need you to completely submerge in their music!

The Promised was established by duo Jesse and Noelle Burch, driven by a mutual respect for music and a love for genre-blending. Their backlog of catchy and original songs is an addictive one and once you start listening to The Promised, it’s hard to stop, despite most of their songs being cheesy love songs… Their tight harmonies and powerful sound override their cheesyness and make this a great and lighthearted track and band to enjoy during either a sunny or rainy afternoon!

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