Peter Katz – I Will Never Leave You

Peter Katz is a phenomenon that I would have never been able to find by myself, his electronically-fuelled and rather infectious yet slightly R&B-infused sound is something I’m not too familiar with. However, his passion-drenched voice and hook-filled, versatile sound made this a track that has been stuck in my head for days now!

After taking a hiatus from a decade of non-stop touring, Peter Katz is now back with his new single ‘I Will Never Leave You’ and upcoming album ‘City Of Our Lives’. The Canadian musician recently renewed the musical direction in his life and art, he made a drastic turn and ended up creating a new and daring album. His sound is a rare combination of infectious slices of indie pop with electronic pop and R&B-like beats and rhythms. With an incredible hook ‘I Will Never Leave You’ is proof that this combination works out well for Peter Katz.

‘I Will Never Leave You’ is about not giving up on yourself and sounds like a soaring, almost heartbreaking ode to Peter’s own. Despite the endearing message this track has a dark edge to it and almost sounds as if to say goodbye. Yet this is only the beginning of a new chapter, ‘City Of Our Lives’ won’t be anything like the folk music Peter used to make, yet it’s purely Peter, only in a brand new jacket.


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