Juliper Sky – Afterglow

Juliper Sky is one of those bands that I just can’t get enough of. ‘Afterglow’ is their latest offering, a dreamy, soothing and glowing indie pop song about the feeling of being lost and not truly knowing who or what you are supposed to be. Their shoegaze/ pop sound is infectious yet easily turns into a background sound, depending on the mood I am in it is exactly what I need.

Guitarist Liam shared how different the track was before its finishing, “It was intended to be a slow burner and was a lot less punchy than the beast it has turned into. We never intended for it to be a serious release but was a live jam we always liked to use to break up the live set.” During a spare few minutes of recording the band made the most out of their time and with a lot of chopping, rearranging and rewriting they ended up with a much more streamlined version of ‘Afterglow’! The track is a fusion of shoegaze, pop, rock and indie and showcases Juliper Sky’s sound with a slightly gloomy filter added to it. The band are once again working with producer James Kenosha and after multiple previous collaborations between both their working together is turning into a flowing river of creativity. I am most excited to find out what the band next has in store for their listeners!

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