Cat Ryan – Blessed Through The TV

Art rock indie outfit Cat Ryan have released a new single, one that is as infectious as its predecessor with a foundation laid by Oriental instrumentation and singer Mary-Anne’s recognisable voice. ‘Blessed Through The TV’ is the perfect upbeat, energetic and almost thrilling track that have the trio show another side of them, a side of perseverance. After successful track ‘Mannerism’ I was hoping to find there was more coming for the band, but unsure if they would be able to repeat ‘Mannerism’s success.

They’re young and eager, something that shines through on their social media, in their music and during their live shows. Even though the band is still a flower in bloom, that gives them all the more space to grow even more.

“‘Blessed Through The TV’ deals with the theme of halfheartedness, the limbo between abandonment and commitment. The song is packed with metaphors exploring this whilst referring to the original inspiration: being sent an angel figurine from my aunt. The Pope had done a mass blessing through the television, telling people to hold items up to the TV to be blessed. It didn’t quite make sense to me; it was almost a halfhearted blessing, and this sparked the ideas behind the song.”

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