Darcie – Silence

‘Silence’ is about a rubbish relationship and it’s Darcie‘s new single, an alternative bubble pop track with hints of alternative pop and a distorted electronic sound. High pitched vocals, computer-driven sounds and what seems to be a defective microwave combined with rather intriguing harmonies make this an outstanding new release that I, at time love, and at times completely disagree with. Whenever her voice resembles the angel-like sound of Norwegian artist AURORA, I’m in awe, when the defective machines take over, I’m out.

It’s a mix of my favourite and my least favourite sounds mixed well together in something that I have not heard before. It’s that uniqueness, a howling personality that shines through that make me want to be Darcie.

“I initially wrote this about a relationship I was in, hoping to embrace it. However, after this relationship, the song revealed itself as a way to provide hope for building up the loving and lovely connections in my life, when previously I had embraced some unhealthy ones without any thought of the consequences this would bring to myself.”

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