Vilnes – Gabriella

The brass section, the soothing vocals and the infectious rhythm that introduced me to ‘Gabriella’, Vilnes‘ new track, had me and still has me moving along! The Norwegian artist takes his influence from reggae and indie mixed with a bit of pop. His inspirations include Lenny KrawitzHozier and Allen Stone. 

‘Gabriella’ is a groovy and funky pop tune with an ever-changing start that keep its soundscape intriguing and interesting at all times, with an outro that is too short and abrupt and makes me long for more. “This single has got a dark side that hints of a guardian angel or inner demon, that you’re not able to see or confide in.” This track is the follow up to Vilnes’ singles and EP that were released in 2019, last year brought also brought him a Best Male Artist award from Radio Wigwam and some amazing coverage for his earlier released music.

I have seen many a great artist arise from the Nordics and knowing their perseverance and individuality within music I have high hopes for Vilnes and his upbeat, positive sound!

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