Your New Summer Tunes

Silent Attic – Hide Away

Alternative garage rock with raspy vocals and a hint of indie, it’s German power outfit Silent Attic and their new single ‘Hide Away’. It took me about 20 seconds to get into the rather rough vocals that lead us into Silent Attic’s latest story, a must hear. However, their sonic soundscape pulled me in and made me want to see the band live! Let’s hope the Flensburg-based band will be touring asap.

The Taboos – Innovative Thinking

Mesmerising harmonies and edgy vocals, intriguing guitar play and drums that kick in after about half a minute, it’s ‘Innovative Thinking’ by East London-based indie rock outfit The Taboos. Even though big chunks of their new track sound like your typical indie band, the changes within their soundscape, rhythm and their unexpected hooks make this for a more innovative sound than I have heard in a while. Let’s say that title actually matches the single!

The Lightness Of Being – Can’t Keep

Filthy, loud, energetic and distorted is exactly what I needed when The Lightness Of Being turned up in my queue of new releases. ‘Can’t Keep’ is their new single, a track that is fast paced, does not give you much time to breathe and resembles the sound of Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters! ‘Can’t Keep’ has been written to make you move and to get eased into The Lightness Of Being’s incredible sound, it worked out for me!

The Hammills – Ride It

The Hammills have just released their new album ‘Incantations’, on which single ‘Ride it’ is one of my favourite and most outstanding tracks. It is a combination of synth pop, with a slightly electronic soundscape, and high pitched vocals. The Hammills are wife and husband duo Paige and Jacob Hammill and this is their first official release which is up on Spotify! It’s a great introduction to their rather quirky and eccentric sound, I’m curious to see where the duo is headed musically when it comes to future releases… Let’s hope we’ll find out soon!

Jacob Westfall – Burn Me Down

A sensitive, heartfelt and almost heartbreaking new single has been released by singer songwriter Jacob Westfall, being inspired by indie folk and taking advantage of his soothing vocals, the Portland-based artist has won me over with his new single ‘Burn Me Down’. It is a song about addiction, and how difficult it is for us to distance ourselves from toxic substances and or relationships. He knows how to translate painful subjects into beautiful compositions, that sound like a scream for help ending in a note of hope.

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