Jordan’s Favourites

One of the North East’s greatest online music outlets is Spotlight Music. I’ve got the honour to both write for the website as well as have had a brief online chat with editor Jordan about where he finds his new favourite tunes and what his favourite tracks of the moment are!

Where do you find new music?

All over the place! For national and international artists I follow some reviewers who have tastes and critical knowledge that I respect, such as The Needle Drop on Youtube, as well as keeping an eye on taste makers like DIY Magazine. Thankfully I get A LOT of fantastic music sent to me too by artists getting in contact looking to be featured on the website.

I’m also lucky enough to be surrounded by individuals who are as steeped in up and coming music as me who I can rely on to keep me in the know, particularly within the North East, but also the likes of Underground Sounds in Scotland. Seeing bands or artists on lineups alongside those I already follow can also be a great way to find new artists for me. I like to do my research and listen to artists on the bill before heading to gigs but it’s always refreshing seeing acts, usually openers, who haven’t recorded any tracks yet and getting a raw experience.

What’s your favourite place to listen to music to?

For me I like to experience different music in two very different ways. I can be quite private and protective over a lot of artists that I adore which means I find it hugely satisfying to listen to it on my own, particularly during long walks. But when I put myself out there, and I am surrounded by people that love the same artists, there can be nothing better than sharing that experience in a live setting so it really depends on my mood.

What activity are you unable to do without music on?

Most things haha. I spend a lot of time walking or on public transport (pre-Corona) so I’m constantly plugged in with something on. If it’s been a tough day or the weather is making things difficult, I find there’s no better motivation to keep trucking on. Even just getting dressed, tidying and cleaning I find I’ve got something on in the background too.

What are you 10 favourite tracks from British artists?

IDLES – Grounds
Calva Louise – Belicoso
Black Country, New Road – Athens France
Marika Hackman – You Come Down
Kid Kapichi – Thugs
Biig Piig – Perdida
Dry Cleaning – Magic of Meghan
Squid – Sludge
Loyle Carner – Ain’t Nothing Changed
Lauran Hibberd – Shark Week

What are your 10 favourite tracks from North East-based artists?

No Teeth – 1930s Graphic Design Menopause
Twist Helix – Louder
Shamu ft. Sagaboi – Up in Arms
Cat Ryan – Mannerism
Jack Fox – Step Away From Me
Martha Hill – Pick Me Up
FOWL – Shiner
Jonny Sands – Better Days
Serfa – Too Deep
Holly Rees – Magpie

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