CooCoo – Broken Matches

‘Broken Matches’ is the debut single of punk rock outfit CooCoo, a track about the walls we build up around ourselves, and about people spreading hate and bias about others. The punk rock power trio from The Hague, the Netherlands, write about societal and political issues and have most obviously been inspired by The Clash and The Ramones.

The band brings us a dose of undeniable energy, eccentric vocals and an incredibly infectious chorus that is hard to get out of your head. The structure of ‘Broken Matches’ is one I’m a big fan of, the classic intro – banging middle – outro. A banging middle with intriguing hooks that break up the body of this story, ‘Broken Matches’ is at no point dull. This single is a combination of edgy, screaming vocals, subtle harmonies, a shit load of passion and guitar riffs that make me want to be a guitarist myself! “It’s not too late” they scream…

The screaming main vocals nearly demand us to take faith into our own hands and turn the wheel around, now that we still can… Take from this message what you want, you’re the captain!

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