Quoting Constantine – Changing Time

Swedish stadium pop band Quoting Constantine are releasing their first and last album this summer, I had to read that twice before I understood what was going on here too! The band with their grand pop sound and filling, infectious hooks stopped rehearsing and playing live a couple of years ago yet they felt they were in need of a great end-with-a-bang by releasing their last demos on their first full length album!

‘All That It Gave Us’ is the wrap-up of Quoting Constantine’s five year old musical history and single ‘Changing Time’, taken from the album, has just been released. The track is an energetic and passionate explosion of indie pop with a slightly commercial edge to it. The subject of ‘Changing Time’ touches upon using time wisely, and not taking it for granted, as we are all tempted to do way too often. ‘Changing Time’ will be followed up by two more singles that are due for release this summer.

Their anthem-inspired choruses promise to be chanted along to long after their first and latest album release. I wish I would have run into Quoting Constantine before the end of the band, however I’m happy there is still some excitement on the horizon in the form of their new album!

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