The Skinner Brothers – Away Days

Last month The Skinner Brothers released their new single ‘Away Days’, a delicate yet energetic and grounding new track with a focus on spoken vocals with a slight sing-song kind of edge to them. Assisted by big drums and a stadium-filling sound, the band have combined indie rock with grand pop and a heartwarming singer-songwriter intro. I’m a big fan of their accent and enjoy their infectious, rather laid back rhythm.

“‘Away Days’ was written as a terrace anthem about our love of football. Along came Covid19 and everything stopped, yet the song’s universal theme of missing your true passion remains.”

‘Away Days’ would not have been complete without some incredible guitar riffs, that are being thrown into the mix nearing the end of the track. ‘Away Days’ fades out as if being an applause during a football match, right after a goal has been made. Fading out or not, true passion remains.

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