Justus Young – Mutual Friends

Upbeat, energetic and with great vocals that are fighting for a spotlight together with Justus Young‘s infectious and distorted soundscape. I’m describing their new single ‘Mutual Friends’, something that builds upon an infectious chorus and laid back couplets. “‘Mutual Friends’ is a breakup-song describing the confliction of portraying yourself to mutual friends as indifferent, when truth is you still care. A lot.”

We’ve all been in similar situations, however I have never been able to translate those feelings and awkward moments into a riffing, impressive and harmonious track. California-based indie singer songwriter and guitarist Justus Young is younger than he sounds and got rid of the expectations I have become acquainted to when talking about indie rock. It is a more fulfilling sound, with a great dose of energy and changing rhythms that keep ‘Mutual Friends’ interesting throughout. The track is taken from his new seven-track album, ‘World-Class Dreamer’.

It’s something I have missed in several tracks that have been released lately, most of them seem to fade away into my background without me even being able to acknowledge what I am hearing as my mind has already wondered off again. Justus Young is demanding my full attention and it is working well for him!

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