Harpo Milk – Swim Again

A relaxed, not-so-rushed, laid back new indie track has been released, one that felt like a wave I just had to ride. It’s Harpo Milk‘s new single ‘Swim Again’! It’s the debut single of Circa Waves-guitarist Joe Falconer, yeah, I hadn’t expected that either. Even though I am a big fan of everything Circa Waves makes, I am happy to hear that Joe has stirred up his own wave of dreamy shoegaze instead of creating a similar sound to what we’ve previously heard of him.

‘Swim Again’ is the comfortable couch that makes us enjoy our hot beverage a little more, it makes us drift off to another dream land we haven’t been before, to discover that change isn’t always a bad thing. Nor is going solo. “‘Swim Again’ is about a night at a party, a missed connection I could not let go.”

Harpo Milk is Joe’s reflective project, one that is voiced by his recognisable and emotive sound and words that are highly likely to resemble with anyone that listens. It is filled with vulnerability that often gets suppressed in a masculine lad culture. If we’d all be just a little more open to the idea of men crying, or opening up about their emotions, we’d be solving a lot of problems with a rather simple solution!


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