Ci Gofod – TV Screens

Sunny soundscapes with relaxed yet fast paced drums are what tickle my fancy, and I got completely sucked into Ci Gofod’s new track as soon as the vocals kicked in. Their breathing and soothing style, without it demanding any spotlights had me wonder if they just turned down the vocals in the mix or if this was done while the track was being created. This is the first time I hear of Ci Gofod and I’m intrigued by their sound and wish I could see their live show rather sooner than later.

“‘TV Screens’ is about the beauty of doing nothing. Sometimes after working so hard, you sit to watch some TV and next thing you know you have been there for hours. Sometimes in life, we need to zone out and have things blur to one.”

I couldn’t have said it better and have nothing else to say than that you, right now, should sit back and relax ‘TV Screens’!

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