Dan Croll – Hit Your Limit

Casually running into Dan Croll‘s music a couple of months ago had me mesmerised and made me decide I had a new favourite artist of the moment. Listening to his new album confirmed even more why he deserves the title of one of my new favourite artists. Even though I am usually not much into a rather gloomy and slightly depressive vibe, Dan Croll captured me and comforts with his warming voice and hugging soundscape. Opener of new album ‘Hit Your Limit/ Coldblooded’ is single ‘Hit Your Limit’, a soothing track with hints of jazz.

The single looks to tell the next chapter in the story of Dan Croll’s migration to the United States. ‘Hit Your Limit’ talks about common trouble in everyday life with a raw and intimate touch that gives us a look into the anxiety and uncertainty that fuelled this new collection of musical pieces. Dan said “‘Hit Your Limit’ is about the burn out that we all eventually feel at some point in our lives. It’s inevitable we’ll all experience it, even more so if we lead busy lives or live in a big bustling city. We hit our limit, and need our rest.”

‘Hit Your Limit’ is a piece of comfort and reflects on both positive and negative sides of always being busy. Most important is that we should all hit the brakes at times.

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