Kuwalla – In My Feelings

The Los Angeles-based alt rockers that form Kuwalla have just released their new, intriguing and rather infectious track ‘In My Feelings’. It is three and a half minute of filthy, distorted guitar riffs, chanting vocals and a short story describing impulsivity and selfishness. ‘In My Feelings’ is the follow-up of previously released success track ‘Just Fine’.

“‘In My Feelings’ was inspired by a tough conversation about holding onto bad habits. It describes fully knowing that bad habits may come back to bite. Writing ‘In My Feelings’ served as a wake up call that initiated steps forward getting their act together.” It is a demanding sound to which you can hardly not bang along to! The band have been inspired by the current state of the world and share their feelings through music. Kuwalla has given us exactly what we were all in need of, a truthful hard-hitting rock tune! It might be hard to focus on the good stuff, but music helps us, or definitely me, focus on what is most important. Kuwalla is a nice distraction and I’m looking forward to more Kuwalla!

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