YOWL – Sunken Boy

Peckham-based five-piece YOWL have just released new single and video ‘Sunken Boy’, a nightmarish story based in the parallel universe of YOWL. The band have received praise from many a big media outlet and now it’s my turn, to enjoy their thought through, almost delicate and captivating sound. ‘Sunken Boy’ is a slow paced, laid back piece of work with a video that made me wonder what I was looking at more than once…

The band have previously played alongside bands such as IDLES and LICE and touched the stage of pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam for one of my favourite indoor festivals, London Calling! The band are led by songwriter Gabriel Byrde and are making the most of their time in lockdown. While not being able to really go anywhere the band have created a video for earlier released single ‘Sunken Boy’, the video being an eccentric piece of art created in a simple manner but executed in an exquisite way.

The band have released eccentric videos before and even though I enjoyed watching the video for ‘Sunken Boy’ I did ask myself if it really added any worth to the audio of the single. It is rather tempting to create music videos for the sake of content, however that should not be the only reason for creating a video. I enjoyed the way the band brought themselves to the attention through this video, which could hardly get any more DIY… You might want to take a look and listen for yourself!

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