Picture The Scene – DIY

‘DIY’ is the second single of alternative indie rock artist Picture The Scene, an upbeat, energetic and punchy followup of debut track ‘Get Out’. One of Newcastle’s biggest local bands, The Pale White, seemingly have given their stamp of approval for Picture The Scene and their latest release.

This explosive sound proves that the artist that is Picture The Scene knows how to craft a well structured story built upon riffs and chaotic yet organised drums. It is a guitar-driven track with dominating sounds and vocals that seem to swim against the storm and drown at times. Which, to me, only gave it more depth. About ‘DIY’, Lewis Speirs says: “‘Whilst ‘Get Out’ dealt with much bigger issues, expressing my own opinions on them – ‘DIY” is a far more personal track written about a feeling of entrapment and wanting to run away from the real world for a little while.”

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