The Midnight Club – Staying In (video)

A very relatable subject, an infectious sound combined with a weird yet rather spot on video is what The Midnight Club have just released. Their new single ‘Staying In’ is moody and broody and reflects on boredom, depression and a sense of helplessness. Their main focus shines a light on staying in during the lockdown, their video for ‘Staying In’ shows exactly what that started to feel like several weeks into the lockdown.

Those vocals in the front are what intrigue me and made me want to listen again a couple of times before I could move on from The Midnight Club’s latest offering. They are warm yet with a slightly sharp edge and something that is not so usual. The track has been entirely self produced and the video was recorded in the boys’ apartment bathroom. This is their way of dealing with the uncertainty the global pandemic has thrown on all of us. I usually dare not touch a pandemic-related track just because I am here to shine a light on the positives in life. However, I felt that ‘Staying In’ is a rather versatile track that is relevant in more than just the current situation.

You are not alone, and if you would like to talk to anyone at any time, you are free to send me a message!

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