Twist Helix – Frida Kahlo

Newcastle-based alt pop outfit Twist Helix have released a new single and it’s even more special than their previous releases! ‘Frida Kahlo’ builds upon the bilingual nature of the trio, with front woman Bea’s Spanish roots finally finding their spotlight within the mostly British band. I do dream from time to time, wondering what it would be like to have a voice like Bea’s, than again, Bea is a greater front woman than I would be anyway.

‘Frida Kahlo’ is an energetic, powerful and ecstatic single that I was lucky enough to experience live at the beginning of this year. The band is also releasing their second album later this year, which is now available for pre-orders. I can’t wait to hear more of their eccentric and unique synth punk sound as their past releases kept raising expectations and being better and more furious than every previous release.

“‘Frida Kahlo’ is about identity. How in an online world we self fashion an image of ourselves by referencing popular culture and art, telling people what we like, who we follow, what we wish to be, in a manner akin to the tradition of self-portraits.”

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