Gaspar Sanz – On My Mind

Australian indie band Gaspar Sanz appeared on my radar with the release of their previous single ‘Cheryl’, a quirky and upbeat track that I thoroughly enjoy listening to. It is hard to top ‘Cheryl’, in my humble opinion, however ‘On My Mind’ is getting close! It’s their latest release, a track about choice and creating your own power.

‘On My Mind’ was written in 2019, yet is more than relevant in current times. The band wanted this song to tell a story, something familiar to its listeners and something we have all in some way experienced. Gaspar Sanz worked with some impressive creators on the track, ‘On My Mind’ was mixed by Jacknife Lee, who previously worked with The Killers, Catfish & The Bottlemen and Bloc Party to name a few!

The summer vibes that ‘On My Mind’ give off are mainly created by an infectious beat and high pitched synth tones. The vocals being slightly too forced give it its quirk, yet they are on edge of being a little too forced. Overall Gaspar Sanz have – almost – done it again!

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