Moncrieff – PLAYLOUD

Independent and unsigned pop rock artist Moncrieff have just released the first single of his upcoming EP. ‘PLAYLOUD’ is a track based around the influence Twenty One Pilots noticeably have had on the artist, with spoken word parts, a child choir and a soundscape that is mainly repetitive yet hard not to move along to. ‘PLAYLOUD’ has a lot of endearing parts, a commercial sound and lyrics that are easy to sing along to. It is not a single I would turn to in my spare time yet I can see it being a big success on festival greens and in grassroots venues.

Moncrieff seems to write what his listeners are craving, a counter-note criticising the state of our current society and how it is getting more and more corrupt. There seems no end to the mess and Moncrieff is offering a hand to pull you up and bring a smile to your face.

Moncrieff is currently – according to the numbers – a big success in his home country and with every new single he explores a new and musical sound that something suits him better than other times. I prefer earlier released track ‘Like I Do’ over ‘PLAYLOUD’, but that’s just me. What about you?