Paris Youth Foundation – Late Night Lost Love

The up and comers of Paris Youth Foundation have recently released their new single ‘Late Night Lost Love’, an upbeat and very infectious single with a hook that gets you… Hooked! Their alternative rock sound is one that has become recognisable throughout their previous released singles and has been welcomed with open arms on many a festival field. The five piece know how to blend grand guitar riffs and emotive, layered vocals and with their latest release talk about the late night’s during which we’re all too tempted to text our exes…

Front man Kevin Potter makes an art form of skew observations that cast a light on the bad romantic habits familiar to all of us. “‘Late Night Lost Love’ takes that journey from the deaf denial of a break-up (“I don’t want to know what you do when it gets dark”) to the dubious finality of claiming to let go, at last (“I am giving you up, my late night lost love”).”

You could compare Paris Youth Foundation to Blossoms and Courteeners, your standard indie pop bands, however Paris Youth Foundation has more fury in their sound and a more alternative way of looking at music. It is a more upbeat approach and one that makes it hard not to dance along! Funny story, the band’s name comes from graffiti spotted in a Metro Station in Paris, a bird told me. Now have a listen to ‘Late Night Lost Love’ and share your stories of late night ex-texting with us!

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