Premiere: Amie Jane Brown – Cheater

London-based singer songwriter Amie Jane Brown is about to release her debut single, ‘Cheater’ is the first in line for release as part of her upcoming EP ‘Rosie Coloured Spectacles’. ‘Cheater’ is set for release on the 28th of July, however we have got the premiere which means that you can now listen to ‘Cheater’, exclusively through us!

If you are a fan of heartwarming, quirky and soulful pop than Amie Jane Brown is the perfect fit for you. ‘Cheater’ is a swinging and playful single and is “about knowing what the right thing to do is but letting the wrong lead you anyway.” Amie Jane Brown is set to make this year hers with a collection of her own original music. You might recognise her, as the musical centipede previously worked and wrote with several of UK’s underground house and drum & bass artists, as well as many others within several genres!

Her debut piece of art has been created in the last two years during which she wrote, collaborated and recorded with a multitude of producers and writers. Her debut EP is a four-track counting collection of original music of which ‘Cheater’ is one of my absolute favourite tracks. I imagine myself dancing to ‘Cheater’ in a salsa club while wearing a multicoloured cocktail dress and black pumps. Her debut single sounds like a whole lot of fun with some influence of artists such as Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse. Amie Jane Brown’s music could be summed up as a blend of catchy melodies, down to earth lyrics and a tongue in cheek tone brought to you by soulful vocals and shimmering harmonies!

Until the 28th of July you can listen to ‘Cheater’ underneath and if you can’t get enough and would like to add it to all your Spotify-playlists, make sure to pre-save ‘Cheater’ right here!

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