Fauxster – Aurora

I wasn’t aware of bedroom stadium pop being a thing, but Fauxster made me aware of it with their latest release ‘Aurora’. It is dreamy yet stomping, it’s got that lazy Sunday morning energy that makes you feel alive yet as slow as an elephant on his day off. Fauxster’s goal with their new single was to blend familiar sounds in an unfamiliar way, something they succeed in doing.

The band takes influence from genres such as shoegaze and 80’s post punk and add their own twist to it. I hear resemblance with The Smiths and can see them playing support for Australian Britpop trio DMA’s. ‘Aurora’ is tingling, refreshing and is outstanding due to the soothing lead vocals. Its soundscape, at times, can be a little underwhelming and slightly too slow paced, however Fauxster sound like they plan on growing and there is always a place for growth!

‘Aurora’ is the third single of Fauxster and proves that even without much money and with sheer passion and drive you can still create a grand sound.

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