Lucy – Dancing in the Moonlight

Released early last month, Lucy found his way to me with latest single ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’. It is the third single of Erik Donley’s – better known as Lucy – upcoming album ‘Season Premiere of the Mind’. A mesmerising and dreamy track that is made for long roadtrips throughout cities and or abandoned villages. It is Erik’s soothing voice that leads us through his dream pop-driven story of love and patience.

The Los Angeles-based singer songwriter got his alias from a direct correlation of his sound, his sound being a combination of psychedelic rock, dreamy melodies, and laid back norm. It was the summer of 2017 in which he released his debut album ‘Telepathic Humans’, a six-track counting well structured dream consisting of enchanting harmonies and soothing guitar riffs. Hopefully his upcoming work of art will be just as enhanced as his debut was. Lucy has been compared to artists such as Tame Impala and The Morning Jacket, as just as those artists Lucy always plays with the evolution of his own sound. I am looking forward to listening to the journey he has travelled to come to his latest creative work!

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