Lime Juice – Quietude

Lime Juice are not a band I was too familiar with and I am still unsure why because they have a sound that greets me like a box of Quality street chocolates. The group are a pure delight, and they leave me itching for more.

Captivating with their signature raw indie sound, the band take us on a ride with their mesmerising vocals and hard-hitting instruments. The track makes think of Tame Impala combined with influences and hints from some of the funk greats. Being a guitar player, my ears always jump out when a killer guitar lead comes along. The edge-on ‘Quietude’ is super sharp, and it pierces its way through the mix in flying form.

The drummer switches it up regularly and provides plenty of fills to keep us on the edge of our seat waiting for the next fix. I did, however, struggle to hear the bass jump out which is something I would have liked to hear pop out more! Frontman Alessandro brings the power to the group, singing with plenty of energy and his approach makes for a great listen. Alessandro has a knack for adding grit when he needs to, and he unleashes massive power in the chorus sections, often bringing a stadium-quality.

The remarkable thing about ‘Quietude’ is that it switches itself up regularly. Once the track comes to its closing section, the sound steps up and the tempo takes a rush forward with all the sounds triumphantly blazing through the mix. Take a listen to ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below!

Words by James Davids

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