Johnny Cattini – Whole Love

The always endearing and talented singer songwriter Johnny Cattini has just released his new single ‘Whole Love’, a wholesome and tingling new release that had me wobbling in my chair. His alternative indie pop sound and the summery-sounding harmonies that he combines in his latest single make ‘Whole Love’ one of my new favourite grand summer anthems.

Johnny recorded three versions of ‘Whole Love’ before ending up at the final version of his new single, at the time of writing the singer songwriter was in a relationship, “I was trying to love someone more than I was capable of doing at the time.” Inspired by Emily King we hear an intro that resembles the tickling and positive sound of King’s ‘Look At Me Now’. Even though I needed some time to get into Emily King, I am now into both King and Cattini, two different yet similar artists that bring a ray of sunshine to any room their music is played. Johnny will be sharing a series of 8 mm videos to promote his latest work of art so keep an eye on his socials to make sure you’re not missing a thing!


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