July’s Wrap Up

I can’t believe it’s August already but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it… Underneath you find an overview of some incredible tracks that were released last month!

Kombat – Again & Again

Loud, upbeat and full of energy is what sums up Kombat’s latest single ‘Again & Again’. A track that doesn’t leave room for imagination nor gives its listener a breather throughout. It’s straight up indie rock with infectious vocals and a soundscape that is colourful and ever changing. I can already hear Kombat fans scream along to ‘Again & Again’ on the festivals they will play next year!

Close Talker – Second Best

Now for something completely different, an echoing intro that showcases eccentric instruments and a soundscape that is as dreamy as it is angelic is followed by a more generic soundscape and slightly raspy vocals sung to you by frontman Will. It is Close Talker’s new single ‘Second Best’, a single that is tingling, sounds positive and hopeful and brings a dreamy pop sound entwined with inspiration taken from the alternative rock genre. “Second Best is about realising what is most important in our lives, that the most meaningful things in life come from sharing time with the people closest to us.”

Robi Mitch – Can’t Win

High pitched synths, soothing vocals and open and honest lyrics are all brought together in Robi Mitch’s latest single ‘Can’t Win’. Lyrically heartbreaking, sounding heartwarming, it is the warm tones and the combination of a simple yet infectious soundscape that make this a release that will stick with you. The track comes with a music video created by Gabriela Bran and it is the follow up of previously released ‘Distant Sun’ which has two versions on Spotify! Make sure to check out Robi Mitch and find his latest single in our Newest Releases-playlist, linked underneath.

Sam Johnson – Peter Pan

I wish I would have written Sam Johnson’s latest ‘Peter Pan’, which is lyrically spot on and described perfectly through its title. “I’m still lost in Neverland… But I’m no Peter Pan.” sung with his slightly raspy vocals and the thought provoking guitar lines that are the red thread throughout his soundscape. ‘Peter Pan’ is taken from Sam’s forthcoming EP ‘Are We There Yet?’ and I hope the EP will bring us more of his dreamy and soul-stirring alternative pop!

Multimagic – Manic Daze

Multimagic don’t waste their valuable seconds and dive straight in with their latest single ‘Manic Daze’, a song that combines great harmonies with infectious and rhythmic instrumental parts and is still echoing on in my head. “No, it’s not real…” is the lyric that keeps coming back, as the song was written after a manic episode, something that inspired the entirety of Multimagic’s upcoming album. ‘Manic Daze’ gives a positive spin to a tough and heart-wrenching incidence and shimmers of hope and positivity.

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