Crooked Coast – Outlaws

I’m currently frantically looking for my cowboy hat and cowboy boots as that is the little extra flair Crooked Coast demand of me while listening to their latest single ‘Outlaws’! I can almost feel their presence while listening to their new release. Crooked Coast bring their energy, passion and positive vibes in the form of a grand and uplifting alternative western-inspired song.

It is the first time the band worked with mixing engineer Mario Borgatta, who previously worked with Muse and Santigold amongst many others and it is the cinematic sound that suits the band rather well. The Cape Cod-based outfit have made it their personal goal to turn all life events into a joyful celebration of alternative rock with a dash of what is hip that season. Crooked Coast aren’t afraid of the unknown and are a surprising promise of who I can’t wait to hear more!

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