2in1: The Satellite Station & SYML

The Satellite Station – Come Home

Indie folk singer songwriter The Satellite Station hits home with every single he releases, giving me goosebumps due to spot on vocals and lyrics that instantly bring tears to my eyes. ‘Come Home’ is his latest offering, a heartbreaking song about separation and trying to unsuccessfully fix the end of a relationship. “I will hold my breath ’til you come home”, however, instantly made me think of the aunt I lost last December and even though it made me long back for her more than ever, it also feels like ‘Come Home’ is a significant puzzle piece of the puzzle that is healing after a lost loved one. Thank you, Travis.

SYML – The Dark

Pop artist Brian Fennell is better known as SYML and has just releases his new single ‘The Dark’. It is dark and tender with an incredible harmony-filled intro that paves the way for the rest of the song, and instantly gave me goosebumps. About his latest single, Brian says: “I wanted to share this song earlier than I was planning. I am not even sure if this will be the final version of it, but I think it is special and applies to what we are all experiencing as humans.” Even though all of our darkness’es differ in shape and form, we all have similar feelings and emotions and, “if this song finds you along, I hope it walks with you.”

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