Mama-Sutra – But Then Again Love

If you are able to sit still while listening to Mama-Sutra‘s new single ‘But Then Again Love’ I need you to take a chill pill and let go of your every day worries because this single is as soothing as it is uplifting and it sounds like a cheerer upper in any situation! Warming and rhythmic harmonies welcome me with open arms while listening to ‘But Then Again Love’, guided by an alternative soundscape consisting of lightly tapped percussion and world-fusion influences.

‘But Then Again Love’ is the first single taken from the upcoming album of the hybrid Israeli super group and promises to be filled with 80’s new wave, a dose of energy from 90’s rock and a bit of honey. Mama-Sutra have created a sound I haven’t heard before and I am glad I was made aware of what I was missing!

But, don’t be fooled. The cheerful sound of ‘But Then Again Love’ does not mirror the message it is bringing. The song was written after watching a documentary on the porn industry and spins around the idea that love can be found in surprising, sometimes cynical places. The sweet-sounding chorus and clean cut vocals drag us through a wheel of mixed emotions, from passion and concern to frustration and curiosity. “Love indeed emerges in the most unlikely places.”


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