French Alps Tiger – Let Me Down

A laid back, relaxed and soothing new release has been brought to us by French Alps Tiger. What makes ‘Let Me Down’ special to me are the raspy and nearly spoken vocals that shine brightly in the midst of the incredibly slow paced and rather one dimensional soundscape. The South Wales-based indie rock outfit show that less is more and simple is better than over-complicating compositions.

“‘Let Me Down’ grapples with the gut wrenching heart ache of being well and truly fucked over.” Even though the lyrics are rather simple and not much imaginative it works perfectly well with the simple soundscape and it shows that not everything needs to be overdone and talents don’t always need to be shown off to tell a story right. ‘Let Me Down’ makes me curious for more French Alps Tiger as this could not possibly be all they are capable of. I enjoy ‘Let Me Down’ as a soothing background track and a reset button to be able to focus again, however I know that these guys can do more as shown on previously released single ‘Floor Is Lava’.

Have a listen for yourself and share your thoughts with us.


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