Stables – Curtain Call (video)

A tickling guitar intro and vocals that seem to appear from a misty soundscape and evolve into harmonies that sound like the wood-fairies from my dreams. Stables have just released their new single and video for ‘Curtain Call’, a folk-inspired indie pop single with a slow rhythm that is both intriguing and infectious. Accompanying the single is a fun DIY-video in which we see a couple having a picnic down by a river and the musical duo play their music next to them. It is pure, fun and without trapping frills.

“Every good album needs a slightly cheesy love song.” And ‘Curtain Call’ is Stables’ contribution to that. This single is the fourth of the duo’s upcoming album and its sound has clearly been inspired by The Tallest Man On Earth and Paul Simon, besides, I hear a bit of The Paper Kites as well!

I am a fan of their cheesy but sweet sound, their quirkiness and I would love to experience the duo live at some point in the near future.

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